eSports Betting: Digital Gaming Changes Traditional Bets

eSports Explained Electronic sports, or eSports are also variously known as competitive gaming, professional gaming, or pro gaming. This is a form of competition that is enabled by electronic means, and the game contest is mediated by human-computer interfaces. In practical terms, eSports is enjoyed in the form of organized, multiplayer computer game competitions between… Read More eSports Betting: Digital Gaming Changes Traditional Bets


Spread betting

Games Of Chance and Spread Betting Explained When playing a game of chance, a bet maker is expected to predict the outcome of an event. In some cases this may be a genuine fifty percent chance situation, such as a coin toss. But in other cases the bet may be for horseracing or greyhound racing,… Read More Spread betting


Arbitrage Betting

The Art Of Arbitrage Betting Being a bookmaker is a tricky business, requiring that odds be made on multiple sporting events, in very short spaces of time. It requires, of course, a very thorough understanding of sports, maths, odds, and potential outcomes. And, although bookmakers are often portrayed as unscrupulous characters in movies, the basis… Read More Arbitrage Betting