Why Digital Betting is Just Better

Why Betting Online Is Best

Sports betting used to have a stigma. In order to place a bet, one would have to go to a usually dingy back street somewhere in New Zealand, braving crowds and lots of smoke, stand in a queue and place your bet on a local race or sports game. These days, thanks to modern technology, one can place a bet from the comfort of your own home, and even on the run now that almost everyone has a mobile device.

Comfort And Entertainment

Placing a sports bet has never been easier. At first, the revolution began with the home computer and access to various sports betting sites. Just before the game or race one could log into a site and place a bet, then go to the nearest television and watch the game or race unfold, hopefully making a profit in the process. That whole system was streamlined even further with live streaming on your computer via a number of websites, so that even if the TV was not showing your race or match you could still keep up with the action.

Sports betting from there became a favourite past time of New Zealanders all over the country. Friends could get together to watch the game, all placing bets on who may win, or more fun bets such as various prop options. The weekend ritual became well established involving good times and great company.

Mobile Revolution

Thanks to a certain mobile smart phone, the entire world was swept by a mobile revolution in recent years. Cell phones became as powerful as laptop computers and much more transportable. This means that not only could one place a sports bet online, but you could now do it from almost anywhere using your mobile device. This opened up a whole new world for sports betting fans who could now place wagers on their favourite team or runner from almost anywhere in New Zealand. Quick breaks at work became full of excitement as punters could keep up with latest scores, and even enjoy AFL premiership betting in some cases.

Mobile apps became wildly popular as these are specified for certain devices. This made the whole online sports betting experience even smoother as one no longer had to scroll around a web site meant for a larger screen in order to find what you were looking for. Live streaming of the game became the norm, allowing a punter to watch the action right there on their mobile device. Tablets took this even further with larger, more sensitive screens which allowed for even better viewing,

Online Specials

Since there are so many online sites and apps about these days for New Zealand punters, they are all trying to compete with each other in order to attract new members. One of the ways in which they do this is to offer very alluring bonuses and promotions which are only available for members who sign up with them or have a certain mobile device. These specials and bonuses often involve an amount of free money which one can use to place bets and even make a profit, so essentially something for nothing. These bonuses and promotions are often not available to members who sign up with regular PC based online sports betting sites.